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About us

Established in 1853, Lesaffre is now the world leader in baker's yeast and yeast extract. An independent French family group, it is present worldwide and has a payroll of 7,000 employees. With its unique and well-controlled technical capacity, Lesaffre can legitimately claim to have the best expertise in terms of production, fermentation and transformation of yeast in all its forms.

Lesaffre offers the same high standard of know-how in its products and services designed for bread-making, enhancing taste, nutrition, fermentation and distillery.
Technical innovation, controlled know-how and the ability to offer bespoke solutions have helped to establish Lesaffre's success. It is able to anticipate needs, understand its customers' requirements and supply them with high quality products, making it a key partner for industry, artisans and consumers.
With the aim of better satisfying its customer requirements, Lesaffre prepares for the future through a determined innovation policy.
For more information: www.lesaffre.com