The benefits of yeast

The benefits of yeast

The benefits of yeastContaining minerals, vitamins and amino acids, yeast offers many benefits.

These indispensable elements for a healthy organism give yeast a crucial role in our diet and balance. For example, yeast and its derivatives are used in food supplements to complement our diet, ensure our well-being and help to improve our health.

Yeast is also used in other sectors such as animal foods or cosmetics.


Yeast and its applications in human nutrition
Yeast and its applications in human nutrition

Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast is a natural product and represents a valuable source of nutrition. Take a look at the benefits of yeast!

Nutritional yeast, selected for its nutritive values, can be ideal for vegetarian diets, but also very useful for healthy hair, nails and skin. Enriched with vitamin B or minerals (selenium, chromium, zinc, copper or molybdene), yeast can also compensate for nutritional deficiencies.

Yeast: good protection

Immunity is the barrier between humans and their external environment. Good immunity is a means of finding effective protection against infections and other diseases.  To fight pathogenic micro-organisms that attack us every day, our immune system needs to work properly. Beta-glucanes, known for their immuno-stimulating role can be extracted from the walls of Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast. Yeast extracts, the most well-known being peptides and glutathione, are appreciated all over the world for their health benefits, especially in Asia.

Yeast to the rescue of bowels

About 100,000 billion bacteria, several hundred different species, are present in the human digestive tube. Human health depends on the stability of this microflora.  Probiotic yeasts like Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. boulardii help to maintain this fragile balance and therefore healthy bowels.

Yeast to fight oxidative stress

Every day, the oxygen we breathe oxidises our cells. Likewise, oxidising reactions occur in our body. These phenomena, amplified by stress or pollution, put our organism into oxidising stress situations. To avoid them damaging key elements like proteins or DNA, anti-oxidisers help to neutralise oxidising factors and re-establish a certain balance. One of the components known to contribute to this regulation is selenium but it is unfortunately not always found in sufficient quality in our body. Selenium-enriched yeast helps to boost our "anti-oxidising shield": twice as bioavailable than in mineral form, it protects human cellular constituents against oxidative stress.

Yeast: its benefits for you!
Yeast: its benefits for you!

Yeast is an effective solution in many areas: human nutrition, cosmetics, biotechnology, health and animal nutrition. Find yeast in its many fields of application.

Yeast: an ingredient for a variety of sectors

Consumers are increasingly mindful about the quality and benefits of their diet. Several ingredients are now developed for them. These ingredients are aimed at the food, healthcare, cosmetics and biotechnology industries. In each sector, yeast and its derivatives are effective and sought-after solutions.

Bringing out the animal in yeast

While yeast plays an important role in human health, it is just as important in animal nutrition. The action and effectiveness of living yeasts have been studied, understood and proved for over 30 years in ruminants and pigs. Living yeasts significantly improve animals' performance. Amid consumers' growing concerns about antibiotic resistance, probiotic living yeast is a solution to improve animal and your well-being.